Magical Learning Experiences
for Children with Digital Technology 

In this digital age, we are excited empower children as they interact with technology. Play Lab designs magical learning experiences with the power of emerging digital technologies. Join us in creating the future of products and services in order to bring positive impact to young children. 


What we do  

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VR Workshop

Classes to teach children about educational content, such as the solar system, marine ecology, and climate change with VR/AR. The workshop includes activities like arts & crafts and riding a stationary bike.


App Development

Developing apps to deliver our VR workshop experience as a product. We in a development of a new type of AR app that children can use as storytelling tool with their artwork created with their hands.

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VR Therapy

Design and deliver services to begin conversations about people's stories and thoughts with the power of mixed realities.


Why we do  

We believe technology can be designed in a healthy and fun way. As digital products became a babysitter and a best friend for children, we re-design digital experiences that truly benefit children's cognitive development. We want to be a part of creating a mixed reality future in which children are physically active, communicating with others, sharing intimate emotions, and learning through hand-on experiences.



Introducing our new app Animap, a MR puzzle game to learn about biomes.

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Ride a Bike
with E.T 

Museum of Moving Image
36-01 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11106


Sunday, June 18, 2017,
10:30am – 12 noon

Sunday, June 18, 2017,
3pm – 4:30 pm

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Brooklyn Children's Museum.jpg

Brooklyn Children's Museum

145 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Saturday June 24th, 2017


Maker Faire 

1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403


Saturday, May 20  
10 am to 7 pm

Sunday, May 21  
10 am to 6 pm

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Jaehyun Kim

founder / game designer

Jaehyun designs and produces digital and non-digital games. She received her MFA in Art and Technology from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she devoted many hours to game-making. Prior to diving into the world of game design, she studied film-making in South Korea.


Gahee Kang

experience designer

Gahee Kang is an experience designer. After beginning her design journey at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) studying industrial design, she joined MFA Products of Design at SVA to broaden her scope from the tangible to include the intangible: interaction design. She dreams of opening a ceramic studio with a big window and a dog called Boom (spring in Korean.)

PaolaRangel- (1).png

Paola Rangel

pRODUCT designer

Paola is a Product Designer with 6+ years of experience designing and prototyping consumer products for web and mobile. She received her MFA in Interaction design from SVA, where she developed her passion for empowering education through design and tech.